Clinical for Home Care

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Since 1992 CareFacts has been dedicated to process improvement by using standardized approaches for developing pathways and documenting care. We specialize in building efficient tools that facilitate the best possible outcomes. Using CareFacts tools, agencies can analyze their data to determine what interventions require more attention, both by client and across clients, and to assess the effectiveness of changes made to their pathways. In this way, CareFacts supports continuous improvement of care processes.

CareFacts began as a system for clinical point-of-care documentation and quality improvement and has built on those strengths since its inception. Our customers have come to rely on CareFacts to …

  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Create individualized, client-focused Care Plans that serve as the basis for continuing documentation
  • Guide clinical care with customizable clinical pathways
  • Generate Clinical Outcome Reports for analyzing the quality of care of patient populations
  • Demonstrate the quality of your documentation and quality improvement activities for review by surveyors

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