Clinical for Hospice

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians.


CareFacts for Hospice was designed for multidisciplinary communication and coordination of care. To achieve this, staff members from multiple disciplines can access and update the record at the same time. Interdisciplinary communication is facilitated by the staff home page through which a message can be transmitted to the entire team. Team members also use the communication log to update each other on a client’s condition “at a glance.” Using these tools, agencies are able to more efficiently provide individualized, comprehensive care that enhances client satisfaction.

CareFacts began as a system for clinical point-of-care documentation and quality improvement and has built on those strengths since its inception. Our hospice customers have come to rely on CareFacts to …

  • Automatically generate Hospice Cert and verbal orders
  • Create individualized, client-focused CarePlans that serve as the basis for continuing documentation
  • Develop customized assessment tools that address their agencies’ specific needs
  • Allow simultaneous access to charts by all disciplines
  • Document interdisciplinary team meetings effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure compliance with requirements for determining terminal illness using Local Care Determinations (LCDs)
  • Generate Clinical Outcomes Reports for analyzing the quality of care of patient populations

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