Billing for Public Health

Fully Integrated Financial Management.


  • Invoices tracked by client or program
  • Detailed financial information from many summary level queries
  • Mechanisms for tracking expenses and reports for Revenue, Billing Data, Cash Receipts, Receivables, Aging and General Ledger
  • Key management information can be exported to Excel

Funding of Public Health agencies increasingly requires financial justification of its programs and activities. CareFacts facilitates efficiency analyses of programs serving individual clients as well as interventions aimed at communities. Research is facilitated by easily generating statistical reports, thereby avoiding time-consuming data-gathering and justifying the use of program funds. In addition, various activities that are funded by different sources—public and private—can be tracked so that commingling of funding sources is avoided. Staff and other expenditures are attributed to designated programs, and private sources of funds are directly billed to the payor.

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