Clinical for Public Health

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians.


CareFacts was developed using the Omaha System because it facilitates the systematic documentation of interventions and their outcomes. Clinicians rate the client’s knowledge, behavior, and status so all factors influencing the interventions’ effectiveness are considered. CareFacts realizes the effectiveness of interventions depends on independent factors—and this is especially evident in the areas of Public Health. The Omaha System meets this need because it is designed to capture information about clients’ knowledge and behavior.

CareFacts began as a system for clinical point-of-care documentation and quality improvement and has built on those strengths since its inception. In Public Health, our customers have come to rely on CareFacts to …

  • Partner with agencies in various states and communities to identify ways to improve service delivery
  • Facilitate the provision of service to individuals and groups; to deliver interventions as well as to monitor their effectiveness
  • Allow customized pathways to address public health issues
  • Collect, analyze and share clinical and statistical information from Electronic Health Records with other providers, including physicians and hospitals
  • Generate population-based reports facilitating analysis of program justification and demonstrate program effectiveness
  • Use the Activity Log to record activity and time expended for payroll, billing and productivity statistical reports

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