• PC-based.  CareFacts runs on any PC (including inexpensive Netbooks).  It requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

  • Robust SQL Server Technology.  CareFacts uses Microsoft SQL Server technology (either 2005 or 2008 releases) for data storage, retrieval and analysis.  We have found MS SQL Server offers the scalability and advanced analytical tools needed by the largest providers while still being affordable by the smallest. 

  • PDA Versions for Aides.  We also offer PDA software based on MS Windows Mobile for your paraprofessional staff to use.

  • Remote Hosting or Local Installation.  If your IT staff prefers to keep your data in house, install CareFacts on your local servers.  If they (or you!) prefer to have CareFacts handle all the messy details of server maintenance, daily backups, version updates, etc. we will gladly host CareFacts for you.  CareFacts Hosting is implemented via cloud computing technology from Amazon Web Services, the inventor of cloud computing.  We use Amazon EC2 with Microsoft Terminal Services to offer the best combination of speed, reliability, and price.  Actually, it’s pretty cool and our programmers are kind of pumped about it.

  • Full Independence.  Most of our competitors strictly limit the amount of data that can be carried by your independent field staff.  Not so with CareFacts.  Your nurses can keep the entire clinical chart for their entire case load on their laptops without having to have a connection to the internet to get at it. Moreover, the synchronization time for reconciling all this independent remote data is the fastest in the industry.  This is due to CareFacts Courier, the only replication technology designed exclusively for supporting independent community-based clinicians.  Our competitors are using replication technology designed to push down Sales Catalogues and send up sales orders.  Healthcare is a lot more complex than that and these systems simply can’t synchronize the massive amounts of data that CareFacts Courier can.  So they strictly limit the amount of data that can be held on the independent laptops.  Bad for them.  Good for us.  Good for you too if you join the CareFacts community!